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Discover the world of Wellness
We are friends with sport!

We are a part of world-class sports! The Winter Universiade, the Russian Olympic Committee and Siberian Wellness!

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True science, future technologies!

Russian manufacturing in the very heart of Siberia: eco-friendly, high-tech, high-quality, certified in compliance with international quality standards.

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From Siberian taiga to the global brand

Within 24 years of operating, we have proved that Siberia represents not only the lungs of our planet, but also a worldwide laboratory of beauty, health and sport. Siberian Wellness products are well-known in more than 60 countries across the world. And we are growing non-stop!

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The world around you: when nature calls

Nobody stays indifferent: strong initiatives of the World Around You Charitable Foundation. Find out everything about saker falcons and why the world needs “Point No. 1”.

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Eco-approach as a lifestyle, not a trend

Products: no parabens, phthalates, sulfates, artificial flavors and colors. Manufacturing: with respect for nature.

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Let's restore forests together!
Planted trees:
Become a volunteer, plant trees and mark them on the map!

Eco-fund is our mutual contribution to nature

8 years ago we established The World Around You Foundation. The Foundation is engaged in the full-fledged support of Baikal, holds vast monitoring of snow leopards and protects them, helps to restore the population of saker falcons and steppe eagles.
  • snow leopard
    We preserve snow leopard
  • baikal
    We protect Baikal
  • falcon
    We restore the population
    of birds of prey
  • falcon
    We support the lungs
    of the Earth
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