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Natural Protein Soup (tomato) - Siberian Super Natural Sport

Well-balanced high-protein soup. Natural tomato: for gourmets, athletes and those who have had enough of sweet shakes.
БАД доступен только для самовывоза
Discontinued product
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Item number #500454
Package Quantity 15 servings of 25 g
Customer-friendly delivery all over Russia
Recommended use

Pour 300 ml of hot water (40–50°С) into a shaker, add one sachet contents and mix well. Take 1 sachet a day before or after exercise as a main diet supplement or as a meal replacement. Recommended to take on an ongoing basis for the duration of physical exercise, regardless of intensity. 


Milk protein concentrate (casein) PROMILK KAPPA OPTIMUM, wheat germ VIOGERM®, vegetable powder (tomato), common salt, whey protein isolate Prodiet 90S, natural food flavors (tomato, black pepper oleoresin), locust bean gum (thickening agent), citric acid (acidity regulator), paprika extract (natural dye), yeast extract, dry vegetable filler (red beet), ascorbic acid.

Name Amount per serving (25 g) % Daily Value
Proteins 18 g 24
Fats 0,4 g 0,5
Carbohydrates 2,5 g 0,7
Energy value 86 kcal 3,5
Alanine 532 mg  
Arginine 574 mg  
Aspartic acid + asparagine 1194 mg  
Cysteine 104 mg  
Glutamic acid + glutamine 3601 mg  
Glycine 307 mg  
Histidine 470 mg  
Isoleucine 852 mg  
Leucine 1632 mg  
Lysine 1373 mg  
Methionine 472mg  
Phenylalanine 828 mg  
Proline 1739 mg  
Serine 922 mg  
Threonine 728 mg  
Tryptophan 216 mg  
Thyrosine 887 mg  
Valine 1080 mg  
Vitamin С 5 mg  
Vitamin B2 0,2 mg  
Vitamin B12 2,2 mcg  
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