Siberian Heath International LLC (hereinafter – the Company, "we") has developed the present Privacy Policy to review the methods for collecting, using and distributing information.
The present Privacy Policy applies to the information obtained through the website, mobile sites, applications, widgets and other interactive tools which contain the link to the present Privacy Policy (hereinafter – the Website). Unless otherwise stated in this document, this Privacy Policy does not apply to the information collected by the Company via other sources, in particular, received not through the network resources.
If you address the Сompany to become a Сonsultant, or you are already a Сonsultant, then, besides general conditions of this Privacy Policy, you ought to examine Consultant Standards and Statement of Policies and Procedures, which contain important information about additional policy requirements you will have to follow.
Undergoing authorization or registration procedure on the website as a Consultant or Privileged Client, you consent to the collection, recording, systematization, accumulation, storage, clarification (update, modification), extraction, use, transmission to third parties (distribution, provision, access), depersonalization, blocking, deletion, destruction of your personal data by the personal data controller of Siberian Heath International LLC.

Personal data is any information which can be used to identify you. Personal data, in particular, covers:
1) full name, postal address, primary identification document number, date of its issue and name of the issuing authority;
2) full name, address of your Representative, his/her primary identification document number, date of its issue and name of the issuing authority, details of power of attorney or any other document, confirming the Representative's authority (upon your approval).
Furthermore, to meet personal data processing goals, the Company can request additional information, particularly: mobile or other phone number, e-mail address, date of birth, gender.
The purpose of personal data processing is to comply with the obligations, listed in the User Agreement, Consultant Standards and Statement of Policies and Procedures, and Distance Selling Regulations. The Company gets your Personal data upon your decision to participate in its offers and programs or when you provide it directly through other means; in particular, when getting registered in the Company system, purchasing products, using interactive tools or dealing with the Company through the Website in any other way.

The Company may use your personal information:
  • for the purposes you provided your personal data; in particular, so that we could reply to your requests, process and fulfill your orders;
  • send you information regarding our cooperation and the closed deals;
  • inform you, by regular or electronic mail, phone, or SMS, about the Company's products, services, programs, and offers, which you may find interesting;
  • pay due consideration to your preferences; namely, by providing information on products or special offers customized for you;
  • provide you with an opportunity to use the Website and communicate with other users via the Website;
  • for the Company's internal purposes, including data analysis, audit, new products development, improvement of the Website operation, expansion of service range, identification of sales trends and promotional campaign assessment;
  • ensure your participation in promotions, contests, and other similar events as well as run their organization (some of these events may entail extra rules that contain additional information concerning the use and disclosure of your Personal information; we recommend carefully reading these rules);
  • fulfill your orders or otherwise provide you with products and services, such as making payments, delivering orders, getting in contact regarding your purchases and rendering proper customer service; enable you to send emails to other people through Postcards and Messages sending options provided on the website. Using these options you confirm that you are entitled to use and give us names and e-mail addresses of your friends for the purposes specified. Information about your friends will be used solely for sending messages and will not be stored in the Company's database.

The Company may disclose your Personal data to:
  • affiliated companies, i.e. to the companies of Siberian Wellness / Siberian Health corporate group, including following legal entities:
    • Siberian Logistic Center LLC – for distance selling via official website, according to the Distance Selling Regulations.
    • C Soft LLC – for storage and automatic processing of personal data.
At the same time, the Company remains personal data controller and is responsible for Personal data multiple use:
  • third parties which provide the Company and affiliated companies specified above such services as Web hosting, data analysis, cash management services, order delivery, infrastructure provision, IT services, customer service, email services, credit cards transactions, audit, training, etc.
    Such third parties will be provided with your Personal data or given access to it in order to render the above-mentioned services to the Company or on its behalf, including (but not limited to) such companies as CPCS-Processing LLC, Russian Post FSUE.
  • to a Consultant, whom you will choose as a Sponsor (for more information on the "Sponsor" notion, refer to the Consultant Standards and Statement of Policies and Procedures, and the User Agreement), to the extent necessary to contact you, fulfill your orders and render services;
  • in case we consider it necessary or appropriate, in accordance with the existing law, including the laws that are effective outside your country of residence, to:
    a) execute the judicial decree;
    b) execute governmental orders, including those in countries outside your place of residence;
    с) comply with the rules of cooperation set by the Company;
    d) protect the Company's or its affiliated companies' business;
    e) protect rights, confidential information, security and property of the Company and the affiliated companies, as well as yours and other persons';
    f) exercise the Company's right to use legal remedies or be able to reduce possible losses.

Non-personal information acquisition. Non-personal information is any data which cannot be used to identify you, in particular:
  • information about the browser;
  • information obtained via cookies, pixel tags and other technologies;
  • demographic data and other information provided by you or Company Сonsultants;
  • aggregate data.

The Company and outsourcers can be provided with different kinds of non-personal information. Thus, e.g., we may find out:

  • your PC type (Windows or Macintosh), screen resolution, operating system version, Internet browser version;
  • demographic data including your location, education, occupation, age, gender, and other data, e.g. your hobby and professional interests, if you willingly provide this information to us. Unless combined with personal information, this data does not identify you or other persons.
Aggregate data.
We can combine Personal data in such a way that when using the combined information, it would be impossible to identify you or any other person, e.g. in case when the Personal information is used to calculate the percentage of our Clients in a particular region. In some cases, the Company may combine Personal and Non-personal information (such as information about your name and geographical location). The information which combines Personal and Non-personal information is subject to the rules of Personal information use.

Use and disclosure of Non-personal information. Since it is impossible to identify you upon using Non-personal information, the Company is entitled to receive, use and disclose it for any purposes.

Cookie. The Company and outsourcing companies can use Cookies on the Website. Cookies enable a web server to transfer data to a computer for storage and other purposes. The Company uses Cookies and other technologies, among other things, to provide you with better service, complete information and regular access to the Website. The Company's service providers are also permitted to use Cookies within the Company's website. If you do not need information obtained by cookies, you can block them – it is a standard option, provided by almost all browsers. For more information about the cookies visitthe following websitenot related to the Company.

Pixel tags and other technologies. Transparent GIF filesare small images with a unique name, possessing functions similar to Cookies. However, unlike cookies that are stored on the hard disk of your computer, GIF files are hidden tools installed on the website pages. The Company can use transparent GIF files on the Website (also known as web beacons, tracking bugs and pixel tags) to track visitors activity on the Website and compile statistics on the Website usage and speed of response. The Company and outsourcing companies can also use transparent GIF files in email messages of HTML format to track the frequency of responses, assess marketing campaigns and monitor when the Company messages are viewed and sent.

Website analytics. The Company can cooperate with outsourcing companies which use above-mentioned techniques for website analytics, tracking and understanding the principles of the Website use by visitors. For example, Google company, which provides web analytics service, can help the Company upgrade the Website operation and interaction with its users. You can get more information and familiarize yourself with the privacy policy practiced by Google company for its decision making, as well as with the options of turning it down, inthe section on Google's privacy.

Widgets, applications, and other technologies. If you choose to use technologies (such as widgets) provided by the Company, any Personal or Non-personal information collected through them can become public, for example, via social media, other websites and platforms where the relevant function can be activated. Moreover, some technologies may be marked as "viral" and transferred to other platforms (for example, your friend or Client can place a widget with your information on his/her blog). The Company is not responsible for the collection, use or distribution of Personal and (or) other information that becomes public.

The following cookies are essential for the Company's website operation.

Cookie name Purpose
Cart-content This cookie contains information about visitor's shopping cart

The following cookies are not essential for the Website operation, and are mainly used to provide, maintain and upgrade the Company services. The Company does not set any of these cookies on your device without your consent.

Cookie name Purpose
Language This cookie contains information on the user's default language
POLL_LV_ID_* This cookie serves as a mark that user has already participated in the survey
QUESTIONNAIRE_LV_ID* This cookie serves as a mark that user has already filled out the questionnaire
sibvaleo_language_code This cookie contains information about user's preferred country
preview_permission_profile* This cookie contains information about the user's default profile parameters

Methods of IP address identification

IP address of your computer is a number, automatically assigned to your computer by your Internet service provider (ISP).

IP address can be automatically determined and registered in the server log when a user visits the Website, with time and pages visited being recorded as well. IP address lookupis a common practice automatically applied on many websites.

Rules of IP addresses usage and disclosure
The Company can use IP addresses to compile statistics of the Website use, diagnose server problems, manage the Website, detect fraud cases and for other purposes. Besides the Company can use IP addresses and reveal them to third parties for any purposes for which the personal data is used and distributed. Note that the Company considers IP-addresses, server log and related data Non-personal information in all cases, except those specified by the current legislation.

Special Website facilities enable you to interact with the Company and other users. Communication is carried out through blogs, forums, private messaging, chat and specially created communities. Upon using such communication tools, keep in mind that the information you provide, including your name, location and e-mail address, may be available to other users. The Company is not responsible for information posted by means of interactive communication tools, and strongly recommends not to reveal any crucial personal information (for instance, information about your health or credit card data). If you use these communication tools, your personal information can remain on the Website even after you left it.

The Company takes all reasonable organizational, technical and administrative measures to protect Personal information under its control. Unfortunately, it is impossible to ensure full security when transferring data over the Internet and storing it in the system. If you have reason to believe that your interaction with the Company became unsafe (for example, you suspect that the security of your account is under threat), please, immediately inform the Company about the problem at the address, specified in "Contact Details".

If you want to stop receiving the information about marketing offers and (or) the Company's promotions, send a notice to the address specified in the "Contact details". The Company will try to respond timely to any of your requests.

You can edit Personal and other information in the Personal account of the official website or within the BackOffice section of the Company's private website. Deletion of your personal data may occur immediately upon termination of cooperation with the Company, as otherwise the Company won't be able to meet obligations under the User Agreement, Consultant Standards and Statement of Policies and Procedures, and Distance Selling Regulations. If, nonetheless, you wish to terminate cooperation with the Company, you can send a relevant notification in free form to the address specified in "Contact data" making sure to indicate the Consultant's Agreement number or the personal card number of the Privileged Client. Your request will be processed within 5 working days, after which all your personal data will be deleted (except the cases stipulated by federal legislation).

The Company will store your personal information within the period necessary to achieve the objectives stated in this Privacy Policy, unless the legislation provides for a longer period of storage.

This Website is not intended for use by persons under the age of 14 (fourteen) and we kindly ask such persons not to provide any personal data through the Website.

The Company reserves the right to make occasional amendments to the present Privacy Policy. To find out the date of the last revision of the Privacy Policy, take a look at the line "LAST MODIFIED ON"_"__" (at the top of the Website page). Amendments to the Privacy Policy come into force after the publication of a new version of the Policy on the Website. Going into business with the Company after the amendments have taken place, you shall be deemed to have accepted the new version of the Privacy Policy.
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