Purchase conditions

Key definitions:

Siberian Wellness / Siberian Health (hereinafter referred to as the Company) is a group of companies engaged in the promotion and sale of products under Siberian Wellness trademark and associated product groups.

Seller – Siberian logistic center LLC, Legal address: 48, Lenina Str., Novosibirsk, 630048, Russia, TIN 5407456766, RRC 540701001, PSRN 1105476057972. Address for sending letters, claims and reclamations: 48, Lenina Str., Novosibirsk, 630004, tel. +7 (383) 328-10-60.

Official website is a website owned by the Seller at the following Internet address: http://ru.siberianhealth.com/en/shop/, which allows Clients to:

  • familiarize themselves with a description of the Goods, offered by the Seller to the Clients, as well as the terms of payment and delivery;
  • place an Order.

User – a visitor of the official site in the status of a Consultant or Privileged Client of the Company.

Visitor is a potential official website user, who hasn't undergone registration as a Consultant or Privileged Client, but who has access to the Website content.

Consultant is a person who entered into the Agreement with the Company, purchases the Company products for personal use, recommends it to other people and performs activities for informing and promoting the Company's products and business on a regular or irregular basis. Consultant's Agreement can be concluded on the Website in a manner provided by the User Agreement, or in the CSC. If Consultant systematically cooperates with the Company and he/she conducts business aiming at the systematical profit, he/she will be required to register as an entrepreneur in accordance with his/her country legislation.

Privileged Client is a person who entered into the Registration Agreement with the Company, purchases Company products for personal use and who is allowed to recommend it to other people. Registration Agreement of a Privileged Client may be concluded through the registration on the Website in the manner provided by the present User Agreement, or in CSC.

Client is a legally capable person; a Website user, who places orders via official website (or is named as the recipient of the Goods in an Order), uses products purchased by online ordering, solely for personal, family, household and other needs not related to business activities.

Website Administration is a group of the Company employees and its trustees, establishing the procedure for the Website use, managing its operation, controlling the fulfillment of the present Agreement by Users.

Content means texts, images, trademarks, logos, hypertext links, audiovisual works, musical works, literary works, presentations, programs for computers, mobile phones, its fragments, information and other objects.

Courier Service is a third party providing the Goods delivery services for the Clients, under the contract with the Seller.

Goods are material objects that are not excluded from civil service and are provided for sale via the official website.

Order is a duly executed Client's request to deliver a list of Goods, compiled with the help of Goods catalog published on the Company's official website, to the specified address.

Customer Service includes the services (the Website feedback form, hotline) helping the Client in resolving the issues related to the Website operation.

Cart is a list of products selected by a Client on the official website.

Confidential information is information, access to which is restricted by its owner in accordance with the Russian Federation legislation.

Personal account is a section of the Website available to User only after authorization and which contains User’s personal information.

Account is a personal data of User, applied for the Website access.

Seller's offer is the available information about Goods offered for sale at the Website at prices and on conditions in accordance with the current Seller's tariffs.

Special offer is a Seller proposal, which contains information on discounts, gifts and other special conditions of purchasing the Goods on the Website. The Seller is not obliged to specify that the offer is special.

Bonus includes products additionally offered by the Seller to the Client's Order that is placed in accordance with Special offer under conditions defined at the Seller's discretion. Bonus may presuppose Goods or other products.

Consultant's Agreement – an agreement concluded between one of the companies of the Siberian Wellness / Siberian Health group of individuals and an individual who stated willingness to become a Consultant of Siberian Wellness / Siberian Health.

Points mean a fixed digital value, individually set for each product.

Sponsor – Consultant or Privileged Client, who invited a candidate (Consultant or Privileged Client) to cooperate with the Company, registered in the Company as a Sponsor and provides information support to the involved persons, their training, education and mentoring.

Consultant Registration Package is a package of literature and printed materials, purchased by a Candidate, who is intended to join the Company as a Consultant. Registration Package contents vary for Privileged Clients and Consultants. Registration Package contents and its price are subject to change at the Company's discretion. The current price of the Registration Package is defined in the Company's price list valid for a particular country.

Company Servicing Centers (CSC) – are specialized Company Centers intended for the retail selling of products under Siberian Wellness / Siberian Health trademark and Company's training materials; for serving retail customers, Privileged Clients and Company Consultants; for the presentations, workshops, meetings or other activities that contribute to the Consultants’ business support or the promotion of the Company's products; for informing about Company's products and promotions or giving business information.

  1. General Provisions on the Company Official Website
    1. The present Distant Selling Regulations for the official website (hereinafter referred to as the Regulations) govern the relations between the Client and the Seller owning the following official website: http://ru.siberianhealth.com/en/shop (hereinafter referred to as the official website). This section governs the terms and rules for the Client's purchasing on the official website, establishes the rights and responsibilities of the Agreement Parties as well as the Client's responsibility for violation of terms and rules of the official website use.
    2. The Client agrees with each clause of the present Regulations from the moment of receiving the sales receipt or sales invoice or from the moment of the Seller's receiving a message on the Buyer's intent to purchase the Goods by accepting the User Agreement and following the "Pay" link in the Cart on the official website.
    3. The official website Client may be any Website User placed an Order and registered with the Company in a manner established by the present Regulations, User Agreement, and Consultant Standards and Statement of Policies and Procedures.
    4. The official website is managed by the Seller.
    5. The relations between the Seller and the Client are governed by the present Regulations and the statutory regulations of the effective legislation of the Russian Federation.
    6. The present Regulations, as well as information on the Goods, presented on the official website, are a public offer in accordance with Article 437 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation.
    7. The subject of these Regulations is distant selling of Goods to the Clients of the official website.
    8. By ordering Goods through the official website, the Client accepts the present Regulations and is obliged to comply with all rules and instructions stipulated by the present Regulations.
    9. Through the official website Clients are able to place Orders for the following types of Goods: food products, perfumery goods, cosmetics, accessories, and other types of Goods sold on the official website.
    10. The Client agrees that all services are provided in accordance with the official website internal procedures. To place an Order through the official website, Clients must have a PC or another device connected to the Internet and undergo registration (see the relevant sections of the User Agreement by the link). The Client, independently and by its own means, resolves all issues related to Internet access, buying and installing the required hardware and software.
    11. The relations between the Client and the Seller are governed by the legislation of the Russian Federation.
  2. Order placing terms
    1. To place an Order, the Client shall log in on the official website using the Consultant Agreement number or the Privileged Client Personal card number and personal password.
    2. In the absence of a login and password for authorization on the Website and on the official website as a Privileged Client or Consultant, the visitor of the official website can undergo a simplified registration procedure upon making the first purchase.
    3. During simplified registration, the User unconditionally agrees with all conditions of the User Agreement, Privacy Policy and the present Regulations by ticking the relevant boxes in the Order placement form and by following the "Pay" link.
    4. During simplified registration as the Privileged Client, the User must specify his/her full name, email, and mobile phone number in the relevant online form fields.
    5. During simplified registration, the User agrees to transfer his/her personal data to the Personal Data Operator – Siberian Health International LLC, in accordance with the Privacy Policy.
    6. Paying for the Order on the official website, the User agrees to transfer personal data from the operator (Siberian Health International LLC or any other legal entity of the Company) to Siberian Logistics Center LLC for subsequent processing in order to carry out activities and provide services under the present Regulations.
    7. The Seller does not bear any responsibility for the accuracy and correctness of the information provided by the Client during all types of registration stipulated in the present Regulations, User Agreement and Consultant Standards and Statement of Policies and Procedures.
    8. User is obliged not to disclose his/her personal number, login and password, specified during registration, to third parties. In the case of any suspicions regarding the security of Account or its possible unauthorized use by third parties, User is obliged immediately notify the Website Administration by placing the corresponding request through the Personal Account in the "Contact Us" section or by e-mail – eshop@sibvaleo.com. Moreover, User autonomously may at any time change his/her password of his/her Personal account.
    9. The Client is warned that the Seller has the right to delete the Client's account or suspend the Client's access to the official website if the Client violates the terms hereof.
    10. The Client may change his/her decision to purchase and may reject the Order at any time before its receipt and, after the Goods receipt, return the Goods within seven (7) days exclusive of the day of the Goods handover to the Client. Return of received proper quality Goods is possible if their marketable condition and consumer properties are preserved along with the document (if any) confirming the fact and the conditions of the Good purchase. The ways and the procedure of the Order rejection and Goods return are stipulated in section 7.
  3. Order placement and lead time
    1. The order can be placed by the Client independently on the official website. The details of the Order placement are provided at the Website in the How to order section.
    2. When placing the Order, the Client shall provide the following information:
      • full name of the Client or the Goods Receiver;
      • address of delivery;
      • contact mobile phone number;
      • contact email.
    3. The Client undertakes to provide the correct information about the address of delivery, -mail address, and contact phone number. If the Client provides inaccurate and/or incorrect data, the Seller cannot guarantee that the Client's Order will be performed.
    4. When placing the Order without being authorized at the Website, the Client thereby confirms that he/she does not have an individual number and is not registered in the Company by any available method specified in the User Agreement and Consultant Standards and Statement of Policies and Procedures of the Company.
    5. The delivery terms to the cities of Russia are available at the Website in the "Delivery" section. In case of courier delivery is chosen, within 4–9 working days from the moment the Order is placed, the delivery service operator will contact the Client and indicate the exact date and time of delivery.
    6. In the case of “Russian Post” is chosen as the delivery method, delivery is carried out by post and does not imply Client's notification by the operator.
    7. The unauthorized Client may place an Order with the selected Goods within twenty-four (24) hours from adding them to the Cart. After 24 hours, the Goods are automatically deleted from the Cart.
    8. The deadline of the Goods receipt by the Client depends on the delivery address and region as well as on the Courier Services company operation. They do not depend directly on the Seller.
    9. In case of absence of the ordered Goods at the Seller's warehouse, including for the reasons that are beyond the Seller's control, the Seller may delete these Goods from the Client's Order and notify the Client on this fact by sending an electronic message to the address provided during registration. The Client has to confirm the changed Order, taking into account the canceled Goods, by following the respective link sent in the electronic message within three days. The money paid for the canceled Goods will be returned to the Client by the method provided in clause 7.7.1.
    10. If the Client has not confirmed the changed Order within three days according to clause 3.9, the Order is canceled in full and the money paid for this Order is returned in full by the method provided in clause 7.7.1.
    11. The Seller reserves the right to extend the Order delivery times for three more days if clause 3.10 hereof is applied.
  4. Delivery
    1. The methods of Goods delivery are provided in the "Delivery" section.
    2. The delivery territory is limited to the Russian Federation.
    3. The Seller makes all efforts to provide compliance with the delivery times specified at the Website. However, delays in delivery are possible due to force majeure events, which are not the Seller's fault.
    4. The risk of accidental loss or accidental damage to the Goods is transferred to the Client from the moment he/she receives the Order and from the moment of signing the documents confirming the Goods delivery by the Goods receiver. In case of failure to deliver the Goods, after receiving confirmation on the Goods loss from the Courier Service company, the Seller compensates, to the Client, the price of the Goods and price of delivery prepaid by the Client.
    5. If the Order is delivered by postal service, the risk is transferred to the Client at the time of the Order shipment.
    6. The delivery price for each Order is calculated individually based on the delivery region, chosen delivery method and it is specified during the Order placement at the Website.
    7. Upon delivery, the Goods are handed over to the Client or any individual, located at the delivery address that is specified in the Order, who can provide the Order details (tracking No. and/or the Client's full name) (hereinafter referred to as the Receiver).
    8. In order to avoid fraudulent activity and to fulfill the responsibilities provided in clause 1.7, upon the prepaid Goods receipt, the individual performing the Goods delivery may ask, for review, the document certifying the Client's or the Receiver's identity and may specify the type and the number of provided document in the Order's receipt. The Seller guarantees confidentiality and the Client's and the Receiver's personal information protection (section 8).
    9. The Client/Receiver undertakes to accept all Goods corresponding to the Order or to fully reject it. Individual who performs the Goods delivery cannot accept a partial return of the Goods.
    10. The period, allocated by the Seller for accepting the Goods by the Client/Receiver, is limited and specified in the course of the Order placement at the delivery execution stage.
    11. Failure to accept the Goods within the time period specified in clause 3.5 of the Agreement is considered as a Client/Receiver's withdrawal from the Sales Contract and is a basis for Order cancellation by the Seller. The return of the money paid for the Goods is performed by the method used for payment.
    12. Non-receipt of the Goods by the Client that caused by inability to contact the Receiver or the Client using the contact details provided during the Order placement is also considered as a Client/Receiver's withdrawal from the Sales Contract and is a basis for Order cancellation by the Seller. If non-received Goods were prepaid, the money is returned to the Client according to the procedure provided in clause 7.7.1 of the Agreement with the deduction of the delivery price.
    13. When receiving the Order in a post office, the Receiver must inspect the delivered Goods and open the parcel in the presence of Russian Post employees to check parcel compliance with the stated quantity, product types, and contents as well as check the expiry dates of the delivered Goods and the package integrity. In the event of claims to the delivered Goods (short-loaded contents, the inclusion of the other Goods than specified in the shipment list; manufacturing defect, other claims), the Russian Post employees draw up a non-conformity certificate at the Client's direction. If the Recipient has not made any claims in the above manner, the Seller shall be deemed to have fully and properly fulfilled its obligation to transfer the Goods.
    14. In case of return due to the claims to the Goods, the Recipient shall attach the following documents to the Consignment containing the returned Goods:
    15. copy of non-conformity certificate;
    16. copy of enclosures list;
    17. Goods return request.
    18. When accepting the Order from the courier, the Buyer must inspect the delivered Goods and check their compliance with the stated quantity, product types, and contents as well as check the expiry dates of the delivered Goods and the package integrity. If there are no claims to the delivered Goods, the Buyer signs a Certificate (the Certificate form will be provided with the Order). The signature in the delivery documents certifies that no claims to the Goods and Order were held by the Receiver and that the Seller has properly fulfilled its responsibility to hand over the Goods in full. Is it not allowed to unpack the Goods' individual packages before signing the Delivery and Acceptance Certificate.
    19. The courier is to spend not more than 15 minutes at the Client's address.
  5. Goods Pickup
    1. Pickup is available in certain regions of the country.
    2. The Pickup availability, the addresses of the pickup points and the hours of its operation will be communicated to the user in case of this delivery method is selected.
    3. In er to receive the Goods by self-pickup, the Client must, within 10 calendar days after receipt of the notification to the email address, specified upon ordering, come to the pickup point to receive the Order.
    4. Upon receipt of the Order at the pickup point, the Client shall provide the Order number and identification document, as well as sign the Goods receipt document.
    5. If within 10 calendar days from the moment of receiving the notification to the email address specified when placing the Order, the Client did not show up at the pickup point, the Seller has the right to break up the Order and does not guarantee its receipt at the pickup point WITHOUT prior notification of the pickup managers of the Client’s visit date.
    6. The customer can find the pick-up point managers' contact details in the Order e-mail notification and in the Personal Account in the orders history.
  6. Goods Payment
    1. The price of the Goods is specified in Russian Roubles and includes value-added tax.
    2. The Goods prices are specified on the official website. If the price of the Goods ordered by the Client is stated incorrectly, the Seller as soon as possible informs the Client about that to confirm the Order with the corrected price or to cancel the Order. If the Seller cannot contact the Client, the Order is deemed to be canceled.
    3. The Seller may unilaterally change the price of the Goods. The price of the Goods is specified in the final step of the Order placement and is valid when the Client presses the "Pay" button. In this case, the price of the Goods ordered by the Client is not subjected to change.
    4. The Goods payment methods are specified in the "Payment" section at the Website.
    5. Bank card payment peculiarities:
      • In accordance with Regulation of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation No. 266-П dd. December 24, 2004 "On Emission of Bank Cards and Transactions Performed using Payment Cards", the transactions are performed by the cardholder or by an individual authorized by the cardholder.
      • Bank card payment procedure is provided at the Website in the "Payment" section.
      • Authorization of the bank card transactions is performed by the bank that emitted the Client's bank card. If the bank has reasons to believe that the transaction has a fraudulent nature, the bank may refuse to perform such a transaction. Fraudulent operations with bank cards are subject to Article 159 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation.
      • To avoid unauthorized use of bank cards for payments, the Seller verifies all Orders placed at the Website and prepaid Orders by the bank card. The Seller reserves the right to cancel the Order without explanations. The Order price is returned to the bank card used for prepaying the Order.
    6. The Seller may provide discounts for the Goods and introduce a bonus program. Types of discounts, bonuses, procedure and terms of bonuses crediting are provided at the Website and can be changed by the Seller unilaterally.
    7. If, when applying a discount/bonus, the recalculated value of the Goods includes a kopecks, the Goods value is subject to rounding down to a multiple of 1 (one) ruble.
    8. When conducting marketing events, which imply putting any items into the Client's Orders, the delivery of the added items is performed at the Client's expense. To reject the added items, the Clients have to contact the Customer Service at eshop@sibvaleo.com
  7. Order Rejection and Goods Return
    1. Goods Rejection.
      1. Before accepting the Order, the Client may reject it at any time.
      2. To reject the Order, the Client must send the scan of an application written in a free form with his/her own signature from the e-mail address provided in the course of registration at eshop@sibvaleo.com.
      3. If, to the moment of receipt of rejection at the e-mail, the Order has not been assembled and transferred to the Courier Service company, the money is returned in full.
      4. Otherwise, if the Order rejection is received after the Goods had been transferred to the Courier Service company, the Seller reserves the right to deduct the delivery price from the Order.
      5. The monetary funds are refunded to the Client by the method provided in clause 7.7.1
    2. Return of Proper Quality Goods.
      1. The Client has the right to return the Goods within 7 days after its receipt and signing of the certificate. To do this, it is required to notify the Seller by e-mail, by sending a scanned copy of the application for the Goods return to the following email address: eshop@sibvaleo.com and attach a scanned copy of the postal or courier service document about the accepted shipment indicating the address from clause
      2. Return of the received Goods of proper quality is possible if their marketable condition, consumer properties are preserved along with the document (if any) confirming the fact and the conditions of purchasing the Goods.
      3. The Client is obliged to return the Goods with the preserved marketable condition, consumer properties, accompanied by documents confirming the contract conclusion (copy of the invoice, sales receipt and invoice), as well as copies of the signed application for the Goods return.
      4. Return of proper quality Goods is carried out by postal delivery along with documents to the address: 11/90 Khimzavodskaya Str., Berdsk town, Novosibirsk Region, 633004 Russia.
      5. The monetary funds are returned to the Client in the manner the Order was paid on the official website within 10 days after receiving the return notice.
    3. Return of Low-Quality Goods.
      1. If the Goods are transferred to the buyer with violation of the Contract terms in regards to quantity, product types, quality, contents, container, and/or package of the Goods, the Client may, no later than 20 days after the Goods receipt, notify the Seller on these violations.
      2. The Client may also raise a demand to the Seller concerning the Goods deficiencies, if they were revealed within the guarantee period or expiry term.
      3. Low-quality Goods are the Goods with the following potential characteristics:
        1. With damaged original packaging: the tube seal is broken, the flasks are leaking, protecting membranes of jars are absent or damaged.
        2. Original and consumer package labels do not comply with the regulatory documents: absence of graphics with expiry dates and lot numbers (manufacture date, expiry date); presence of blind, doubled seal, irregular strings of text, blacks, dirty seal, leakage, and paint stains; absence of label.
        3. Absence of the products' marketable conditions: labels are placed askew, folds, scrapes, abrasion, stains, dirt, and other similar defects; product leakage (when the caps, dispensers, etc. are not closed tightly); absence of inserts and instruction manuals.
        4. Misgrading (any non-compliance between the contents and the label). Weight (product volume, amount of capsules in the jar) of product in the individual consumer package is not correct and does not comply with the label and instruction manual.
      4. If the deficiencies are revealed in the Goods and if they have not been described by the Seller, the Client may, at its own discretion, demand the following:
        • to remove the Goods' deficiencies free of charge or get compensations of costs incurred for their correction by the Client or a third party;
        • to reduce the purchase price accordingly;
        • to replace them with the Goods of a similar trademark (model, article No.) or with the same Goods of another trademark (model, article No.) with the respective recalculation of the purchase price.
      5. The Client, instead of raising said demands, may refuse to perform the contract and request to return the money paid for the Goods. Upon the Seller's request and at its own expense, the Client must return the Goods with deficiencies.
      6. To exercise the rights specified in clause 7.3.1. of the Agreement, upon receipt, the Client must return the Goods to the courier or to the Company Servicing Center manager by filling in the corresponding fields in the waybill, or send to the Seller an application for the Goods return (hereinafter referred to as the Application) in an electronic form with mandatory specifying the Order number, full name, and contact details of the Client as well as the detailed description of the reason of return.
      7. Within five (5) working days from the Application receipt, the Seller reviews the Application and contacts the Client to detail the procedure of return/exchange of the Goods or sends the letter of rejection to return/exchange the Goods to the Client
      8. Upon returning the Goods, the Client has to return both the Goods and the accompanying documents to the Order.
      9. If the Client withdraws from the Sales Contract and sends a demand to return the money paid for the Goods, the price of the Goods is to be returned to the Client within ten (10) days from the Seller's receipt of the Goods and the written Client's Application.
      10. If, according to the expert report, the Goods returned by the Client will be considered high-quality Goods, the Seller reserves the right not to exchange the Goods, provided that the money paid for the Goods is returned to the Client with the deduction of the expenses incurred for the Goods delivery to the Client.
    4. Money refund
      1. The money is to be returned by the same method as is used by the Client to pay for the Goods.
      2. Apart from cases when payment is made through the Qiwi, Euroset, WebMoney and Yandex.Money terminals. In the case of e-money payment monetary funds refund is made only by mail transfer.
      3. Unless the refund is made simultaneously with Goods return by the Client, the specified amount refund is made by the Seller in one of the following ways with the prior Client's consent:
        • mail transfer;
        • by transferring the corresponding amount to the Customer’s bank account specified by the Client.
    5. Quantity Discrepancies Procedure.
      1. Upon Goods receipt, the Client is obliged to check the number of Goods in the Order. If upon Goods receipt the Client found discrepancies in the quantities specified in the invoice or sales receipt, the Client is obliged to indicate inconsistencies in the non-conformance report (the report form will be attached to the Order) and refund report.
      2. The refund of the difference between the amount of cash actually paid for the Goods and the actual value of the Goods received shall be made within 10 (ten) working days after the Seller receives the report describing the discrepancies.
      3. The monetary funds are refunded by the method provided in clause 7.7.1.
      4. If Client violates clause 7.8.1 regarding the Report drawing up, the Seller has the right to dismiss Client's claims on the amount of the Goods transferred.
      5. Detailed information on the quality claims submitting, as well as a list of documents required for return processing, can be found on the Website here.
    6. The Seller does not bear any responsibility for the damage to the Client caused by an inappropriate use of the Goods ordered on the official website.
    7. The Seller may assign or otherwise transfer its rights and responsibilities following from its relations with the Client to the third parties.
    8. The Client undertakes to avoid using the ordered Goods for further resale or other business purposes.
  8. Confidentiality and Personal Data Protection on the Official Website
    1. The Client's information provision:
    2. When placing the Order, the Client provides the following information: full name, delivery address, email address, and contact phone number (hereinafter referred to as the Delivery Information).
    3. Use of information provided by the Client and received by the Seller. The Seller uses the information:
    4. to fulfil its obligations towards the Client;
    5. to evaluate and analyze the official website operation;
    6. to determine the winner in promotions carried out by the Seller.
    7. To perform the Goods delivery to the Client, the Seller transfers the information to the Courier Service company.
    8. Disclosure of information received by the Seller and its transfer to the third parties.
    9. The Seller undertakes to avoid disclosure of information received from the Client. The Client agrees that the Seller can provide the information to agents and third parties acting on the basis of a contract with the Seller in order to fulfill the obligations towards the Client stipulated herein.
    10. The Client agrees that the Seller can transfer the information to the third parties in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation. The Privacy Policy contains more details on the transfer and protection of personal data. The Client agrees with the Privacy Policy by following the "Go to Payment" link.
    11. The Seller receives the IP address of the Client. This information is not used to identify the Client.
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