Terms and conditions

Key definitions:

Siberian Wellness / Siberian Health (hereinafter – the Company) is a group of companies engaged in the promotion and sale of products under the "Siberian Health" trademark and associated product groups.

Website located at http://ru.siberianhealth.com is a service owned by the Company.

User is a Website visitor, in the status of a Consultant or Privileged Client of the Company.

Visitor is a potential Website user, who has not undergone registration procedure as a Consultant or Privileged Client, but who possesses access to the Website content.

Consultant is a person who entered into the Agreement with the Company, purchases the Company products for personal use, recommends it to other people and performs activities to inform and promote the Company's products and business on a regular or irregular basis. Consultant's Agreement can be concluded on the Website in accordance with the procedure provided by the present User Agreement, or in the CSC. If Consultant systematically cooperates with the Company and he/she conducts business aiming at the systematical profit, he/she will be required to register as an entrepreneur in accordance with his/her country legislation.

Privileged Client is a person who entered into the Registration Agreement with the Company, purchases Company products for personal use and can recommend it to other people. Registration Agreement of a Privileged Client may be concluded through the registration on the Website in the manner provided by the present User Agreement, or in CSC.

Client is a legally capable person, a Website user, who places orders via Company's official website or who is indicated as the recipient of the Goods in an Order, who uses products purchased on the Company's official website, solely for personal, family, household and other needs not related to business activities.

Website Administration is a group of the Company employees and its trustees, establishing the procedure for the Website use, managing its operation and controlling the fulfillment of the present Agreement by Users.

Content means texts, images, trademarks, logos, hypertext links, audiovisual works, musical works, literary works, presentations, programs for computers, mobile phones, their fragments, information and other objects.

Official website is a website owned by the Seller at the following Internet address: http://ru.siberianhealth.com/en/shop/, which enables Clients to:

  • familiarize themselves with a description of the Goods, offered by the Seller to the Clients, as well as the terms of payment and delivery;
  • place an Order.

Seller – Siberian logistic center LLC Legal address: 48 Lenin Str., Novosibirsk, 630048, INN 5407456766, KPP 540701001, OGRN 1105476057972. Address for sending letters, claims and reclamations: 48 Lenin Str., Novosibirsk, 630004, tel. +7 (383) 328-10-60.

Courier service is a third party that provides Goods delivery services to the Clients under the contract with the Seller.

Goods are material objects that are not withdrawn from civil circulation and are available for sale via the Company's official website.

Order is a duly executed Client's request to deliver a list of Goods, compiled with the help of Goods catalog published on the Company's official website, to the specified address.

Customer base is a database of users registered at the Website, including the Clients' personal data.

Customer service includes the services (the Website feedback form, hotline) helping the Client in resolving the issues related to the official website operation.

Cookies is a small piece of data created by a web server or web page and stored on the user's computer in the form of a file, that web client forwards to a web server in the HTTP-request upon opening the relevant page of the website.

Cart is a list of Goods selected by a Client on the Company's official website.

Confidential information is information, access to which is restricted by its owner in accordance with the Russian Federation legislation.

Personal account is a section of the Website available to User only after authorization and which contains User’s personal information.

Account is a personal data of User, applied for the Website access.

Seller's offer is the available information about Goods that are available for sale at the Website for prices and on conditions in accordance with the current Seller's tariffs.

Special offer is a Seller offer, which contains information on discounts, gifts and other special conditions of Goods purchasing on the Website. The Seller is not obliged to specify that the offer is special.

Bonus includes products additionally offered by the Seller to the Client's Order that is executed in accordance with Promotion under conditions defined at the Seller's discretion. Bonus may presuppose Goods or other products.

Consultant Agreement is an agreement concluded between one of Siberian Wellness / Siberian Health corporate groups and an individual, who has expressed a desire to become a Consultant of Siberian Wellness /Siberian Health.

Points mean a fixed digital value, individually set for each product.

Sponsor – Consultant or Privileged Client, who invited a candidate (Consultant or Privileged Client) to cooperate with the Company, registered in the Company as a Sponsor and provides information support to the involved persons, their training, education and mentoring.

Consultant Registration Package is a package of literature and printed materials, purchased by a Candidate, who is intended to join the Company as a Consultant. Registration Package contents vary for Privileged Clients and Consultants. Registration Package contents and its price are subject to change at the Company's discretion. The current price of the Registration Package is defined in the Company's price list valid for a particular country.

Company Servicing Center (CSC) is specialized Company centers intended for the retail selling of products under Siberian Wellness / Siberian Health trademark and Company training materials; for serving retail customers, Privileged Clients and Company Consultants; for presentations, workshops, meetings or other activities that contribute to the Consultants’ business support or promotion of the Company's products; for informing about Company's products and promotions or giving business information.

information about products and promotions of the Company or the Company's business information

  1. Subject of Agreement
    1. The present User Agreement (hereinafter – the Agreement) is a legal agreement between the User and the Company establishing rules for the Website use.
    2. By registering at the Website, the User confirms his/her full consent with the conditions hereof.
    3. If you disagree with certain terms of the Agreement, User undertakes to immediately cease using the Website. But he/she may preserve the status of a Consultant of the Company.
    4. Upon registration on the Website, the User confirms his/her legal capacity and authority for the acceptance of this Agreement, his/her capacity to fulfill the Agreement terms and bears responsibility for the Agreement violation, including the legal relationships arose through the Website use.
    5. User bears personal responsibility for publishing the Content in any form or by any means available at the Website, including overviews and reviews of Goods and all consequences related to such publication.
    6. Upon posting Content, User warrants that he/she has full power and authority to the rights assignment in accordance with the clause 6.5 of the present Agreement.
    7. Upon posting Content, User grants the right to the Content access to any Website Visitor.
    8. The design and structure of the present Website (as well as its other elements that are subject to the protection of Сivil Code of Russian Federation), are not allowed to be, in whole or in part, reproduced (copied, imitated) to create on their basis new informational objects or for any other purposes violating the law.
    9. Images, graphics, sound and video information can't be copied for the placement on other websites or for the distribution by copies on paper or magnetic media without written consent of the Company.
  2. Changes
    1. Website Administration reserves the right at any time:
      • To change the terms of the present Agreement.
      • To modify, add, amend, or terminate operation of the Website or any part thereof at any time and at its own discretion.
    2. When required, the Website Administration reserves the right, at its own discretion, to change, update, add, terminate, remove, amend, or change any part hereof in any other way, in whole or in part, at any time. With regards to the changes hereof, which are deemed essential by the Website Administration, it publishes the notice at the Website by placing a link on the homepage under the header "Updated User Agreement" for a reasonable period of time. If a Visitor provides information to the Website
    3. The Website, in whole or in part, can be upgraded or changed and its operation may be ceased at the Company-owner's discretion. Any modifications, additions or changes of the Website are subject to the present Agreement.
  3. Access
    1. To use the Website, the Visitor must gain access to the Internet and pay all service fees associated with such access. Moreover, he/she shall have all the equipment required to gain access to the Internet.
    2. The Visitor is and will be the only person responsible for the acquisition, access, installation, download, use, and maintenance of any hardware and software, phone connection (wireline or other) services, Internet connection of his/her PC, and bears all related costs.
    3. The Visitor is solely responsible for checking his/her PC and software for the presence of viruses and other related problems.
    4. The Company unconditionally disclaims all responsibility for any errors or failures related to the Visitor's PC or software malfunction when using the Website or any parts thereof.
  4. Eligibility
    1. The User guarantees that he/she is eighteen (18) years of age or older. If Visitor doesn't reach 18 years of age, the Company is not responsible for the consequences of the Website use.
    2. Some characteristics of the present Website (including, but not limited to, the User registration) and some Products may require that the User should be older and/or should meet other eligibility requirements.
    3. Seller offers for sale, sells and delivers the products only within the territory of the Russian Federation.
  5. Visitors registration and status support
    1. A Candidate chooses the status of a Privileged Client or Consultant, and concludes the relevant Registration Agreement with the Company.
    2. There are two ways to register as a Privileged Client on the Website:
      • Upon purchasing as an unauthorized User, following the link "Continue".
      • Upon filling the online form on the "Registration" page.
    3. Registration as a Consultant on the Website may be realized in following manner:
      • Upon filling the online form on the "Registration" page.
      • Upon filling the online form in the Personal Account of Privileged Client.
    4. User Registration as a Consultant assumes the purchase of a Consultant Registration Package. You can purchase the Consultant Registration Package in two ways: with the first order on the Company official website or in the Company Service Center.
    5. All other ways of registration, as well as the terms of cooperation with the Company in the status of a Consultant, the rights and obligations of the registered ones in the Company or the Website are stipulated in the Consultant Standards and Statement of Policies and Procedures on the Website under the following link http://ru.siberianhealth.com/en/support/pravila_all/.
    6. Upon registration with the Company by any of mentioned methods (on the Website or in the manner provided by the Consultant Standards and Statement of Policies and Procedures), User gets an individual number, which corresponds to a login of a personal account.
    7. Upon registration by any of methods specified in clauses 5.2 and 5.3, each registered User is assigned to a Sponsor. There are two ways of a Sponsor assignment:
      • The User specifies the Sponsor's individual number.
      • The User chooses the Sponsor among those automatically proposed by the Website, which have been chosen based on the selected city, Sponsors' full names, their ranks, and photographs (if any).
  6. Rights and obligations of User
    1. The Authorized User has the right to freely place orders on the official website, post comments and reviews about products (if such option is available) and perform any other actions provided by the Website functionality.
    2. User is entitled to post Content on the Website in accordance with the terms of the present Agreement.
    3. User undertakes not to post Content of provocative, rude, offensive and aggressive character; which opposes moral and ethical standards and violates existing Russian Federation or international legislation, inflicts harm to the Website and/or the Company-owner, violates the rights (including intellectual ones) of third parties, contains abusive or unconstructive criticism towards the Company-owner and its staff.
    4. User undertakes not to post Content of extremist and pornographic character; which incites ethnic or religious discord, appeals for the violent overthrow of the current government; includes the fascist or Nazi content.
    5. Upon registering on the Website in the manner provided in Section 5 of the present Agreement, or in any other manner, provided by Consultant Standards and Statement of Policies and Procedures of the Company, User is obliged to specify the accurate registration information. The Company does not require User to provide accurate additional information and does not carry out events aimed at details verification, except for personal data given in the status of a Consultant.
    6. Upon a Consultant registration, the Company may request a copy of the current regular passport.
    7. The whole Content posted on the Website or in the notes or comments is subject to copyright law. All borrowed materials ought to contain the author's name, if it is specified on the website-source; and in the cases when it can't be identified – the copyright symbol (s). Hyperlinks to the borrowed materials, posted earlier on the Internet, are welcomed, but if the author states their need, – they are necessarily required. User undertakes not to attribute authorship of foreign texts and images.
    8. User bears responsibility for a violation of the present Agreement in accordance with the Russian Federation legislation.
    9. In the case damages, inflicted to third parties, other Users or the Website, User is obliged to perform full compensation for damages in accordance with applicable Russian Federation legislation.
    10. The User bears responsibility and all expenses (including compensation of damage, loss, penalties, court and other expenses and costs) in case of any claims of the third parties, including (but not limited to) the claims associated with protection of the third-party intellectual rights and any responsibilities that have arisen at the Website due to the third-party requirements associated or arisen due to the violation of the present Agreement by the User. User is obliged to take all necessary and possible measures to exclude the Website and the Company from the list of defendants.
    11. User is obliged not to disclose his/her personal number, login and password, specified during registration, to third parties. In the case of any suspicions regarding the security of Account or its possible unauthorized use by third parties, User is obliged immediately notify the Website Administration by placing the corresponding request through the Personal Account in the "Contact Us" section or by email eshop@sibvaleo.com. Moreover, User autonomously may at any time change his/her password of his/her Personal account.
  7. Rights and obligations of Website Administration
    1. The Company undertakes to protect the registration and other User's information.
    2. The Company undertakes not to disclose the registration and other User's information to the third parties, except for the cases when it is required by applicable law, the present Agreement, the Distance Selling Regulations of the official website, and Privacy Policy.
    3. Website Administration is not engaged in the consideration and resolution of disputes and conflicts that arise between Website Users; however, reserves the right to block User's page in the case of motivated complaints about this Website User's misconduct from other Users.
    4. The Company doesn't bear responsibility in case the User disclosures his/her registration information to other Users.
    5. Website Administration is not entitled to moderate text, photos, comments and other materials posted by Users on the Website.
    6. Website Administration is entitled to remove any text, photo, User's comment without notice or explanation.
    7. The Website Administration does not govern the User's compliance with the author's rights for the intellectual property and does not bear any responsibility related to their violation by the Website Users.
    8. Website Administration does not make any warranties (claimed or implied), that materials published on the Website are useful and interesting.
    9. Upon violating the present Agreement terms or the applicable legislation of the Russian Federation, Website reserves the right to transfer (in cases provided by law) registration information, IP-address, any other information to the law enforcement authorities and the court.
    10. Website Administration uses information about User actions in order to provide better Website services.
    11. In case of the Agreement terms violation, the Website Administration has the right to suspend or cease the User's access to the Website and any of its services, as well as to block the User's page.
    12. Website Administration reserves the right to impose any restrictions on the Website use.
    13. The Website's Administration or the Company reserves the right to close, suspend, or amend the Website or its part without prior notification of the User.
  8. Miscellaneous
    1. In case of questions and complaints, User should contact Customer Service via helpline or feedback form on the Website. The Parties shall endeavor to settle all arising disputes through negotiations, otherwise, the dispute will be referred to the court in accordance with applicable Russian Federation legislation.
    2. The present Agreement enters into force on the date of expressed User's consent with its terms by registering on the Website. Before User undergoes registration procedure, he/she is obliged carefully familiarize with all statements of the present Agreement.
    3. User voluntarily adds Content to the Website and preserves intellectual and any other rights that belong to him/her in respect of the Content.
    4. Posting Content User confirms that he/she gratuitously provides Company and Website with the right to demonstrate, reproduce, modify, store, publicly display, change, publish, distribute, archive, translate and otherwise use the Content or any of its portion, without limitation of the period or territory of validity.
    5. User acknowledges the Company's right to the whole Website as a single object, including all its components.
    6. Upon accepting the present Agreement, User confirms the fact that:
    7. Placing the Content he/she doesn't become a co-author of the Website and refuses any claims to such authorship in the future;
    8. If the Company transfers any rights for the Content in accordance with clause 6.7 hereof, the User loses his/her right to revoke the work.
    9. Upon posting Content, specially created by User to place it on the Website, the exclusive right to such Content is reserved by User.
    10. Access to the Website, including its Content, is provided for User, solely for personal use and familiarization. User is not allowed to use, reproduce, distribute in any way, copy, publicly display, broadcast to the public, translate, change the Website materials or otherwise use them for any other purposes without prior written consent of the relevant rights holders.
    11. Website Administration and the Company don't bear any responsibility for the continuity and safety of the Content posted on the Website.
    12. If the Website Administration or the Company at a certain time doesn't require User to fulfill terms of the present Agreement, it doesn't negate the right of the Website Administration or the Company to require such fulfillment later, as well as to take measures towards the implementation of the Agreement terms.
    13. Upon termination the Agreement, the Company continues to own all assigned rights to the Content, without any payment obligations to User for its use.
    14. Any statements of the present Agreement don't limit the right of the Website Administration, the Company or the User to enter into similar agreements with any other person.
    15. Invalidation of a term or statement of the present Agreement is not deemed to be a ground for invalidation of any other terms or conditions of the present Agreement.
    16. The User agrees that in case of any disputes they are to be resolved in accordance with the effective law of the Russian Federation.
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