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Let's break the ice! I'm a Siberian bear, your guide to the Siberian Wellness world at the Winter Universiade-2019. Sport, wellness and fun? My thing!

back house couple

Hot Spots:
a nice den to warm up your paws!!

Nine Hot Spots on the territory of Winter Universiade-2019. Places to hang out, dance, sing, warm up, taste yummy and healthy snacks and catch positive vibes: uff-uff!

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In the meantime somewhere in Krasnoyarsk and adjacent forests...

  • siberianwellness_int

    By @tatyana.gorokhovskaya tatyanagorokhovskaya ⠀ SIBERIAN WELLNESS at the international CELEBRATION OF YOUTH, SPORTS AND INTELLECT!⠀ The Summer and Winter Universiades are analogous to the Olympics, but for students. All UNIVERSITY STUDENTS from the ages of 17 to 25 invited to participate.⠀ The miss

  • siberianwellness_int

    COME ON, PUT YOUR HANDS UP, TURN THE SOUND ON! 😎 ⠀ As we know, a bear who has learned to shout "yoo-hoo" is never hungry. ⠀ Life of official and ISO-certified UniBear of Siberian Wellness is good! You go where you want, eat and sleep as much as you like, sometimes dance in time with a song hugging t

  • siberianwellness_int

    Uff-uff! Arrived!🥳 Alarm mode for all posts! A bear is detected in Krasnoyarsk downtown! ⠀ Either white, either brown, either big, either even bigger. Anyway, the one who came to the Winter Universiade from Siberian taiga is me!❄️ ⠀ UniBear from Siberian Wellness. Maybe I'm the only Bear who has his

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